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Learning data from the best thanks to our premium courses. This part of our learning draws upon globally reconised leaders from the world of data. Classes can take form of executive engagement, workshop or moderated sessions.

Our premium trainers are selected only if these 3 criteria are satisfied:

  1. To be an innovator through a new trend or methodology 
  2. To have a long story of academic success.
  3. To be an author of an acclaimed book.

Hear what world-class experts have to say

Specialist & acknowledged thought leader in Information Strategy, Chris has a considerable expertise in Information Management Strategy, Data Governance. He specialises in...
Robert S. (Bob) Seiner is the President and Principal of KIK Consulting & Educational Services, a data and information management consultancy that he started in 2002,...
Steve Hoberman has trained more than 10,000 people in data modeling since 1992. Steve is the author of nine books on data modeling, including the bestseller Data Modeling Made...
Doug Laney is the data and analytics strategy innovation fellow at West Monroe Partners where he consults for business, data, and analytics leaders on conceiving and...
Known as The Data Governance Coach, Nicola helps organisations understand and manage their data better. For almost two decades she’s helped corporates to reduce costs,...

Hear what world-class experts have to say

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