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Recruitment is tricky, data recruitment is particularly tricky. Today the data world is chaotic with many confusing data job profiles: it is challenging to navigate inside the specialisations and the risk of choose the wrong professional is common.

However, if you want to unleash the power of your data, you need your personal unicorn and we are here to help you. We are expert in data discipline as a whole and we can support you and your HR department in the recruitment process guaranteeing that you will identify and select the best data professional for your project.

Individual benefits

Effective recruiting

Indirect learning strategy for data recruitment

Unobtrusive support

Organisational benefits

Right data professional for specific needs

Time and cost reduction

Growth of HR department

Our service is designed to fully integrate with your own HR. We can help you perform effective recruitment of the right data professional for your need. And we can relieve you from recruitment steps that can be tiring and difficult, especially with very specific recruitment as those for data professionals.

Whether you plan to conduct internal or external recruiting, we can intervene effectively in all the steps identify by the pipeline on the right.

We can intervene effectively in all the steps