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Conferences are great for your company for many reasons: they create great opportunity for networking, they enable new partnerships for your business, they guarantee enormous visibility to you company.​

Nonetheless, they are hard to organise because you must take care of many things.​ We have all the skills necessary to organise a digital conference and provide you a “turnkey” solution that will enhance the reputation of your company as main player of the sector.

Individual benefits

The experience as public speaker sharing the own experience​

Network of high- level professionals and new job opportunities​

Increase the personal visibility in the own field of knowledge​

Organisational benefits

Strategic solution to increase brand reputation​

Catchment arena of new customers​

New solutions and ideas for the company​

Promote knowledge sharing and grow your brand reputation


In 2021 Data Management Association (DAMA) asked us to organized the first DAMA Emea conference involving the 22 chapter in the EMEA region. We brought together more than 2.000 professionals in data management from all over 25 countries and the conference was funded by 6 international ICT companies.

We took care of every aspect of the conference, following our approach to provide a “turnkey solution” and it was an amazing success.

There is just so much behind a great conference