“The CDO Role: Evolution and Challenges” by Peter Aiken

/ October 12, 2020/ ENG, Training

When the concept of IT leadership was introduced in the late 1970’s, the title CIO was often referenced as ‘career is over.’

Ambiguity, imprecision, and confusion still surround the role and now loudmouths (like me) are clamoring for a data leader to occupy a position of equal stature.

This webinar traces the evolution of the CDO to its present day state and examines a number of common challenges facing organizational data leaders. With a clear focus, we can prevent ambiguity, imprecision and confusion from deterring data leaders from achieving their objective: better managing data as an asset in support of the organizational mission!

Take Aways:

  • Data is too big to rely only on specialists/All knowledge worker must become data literate
  • Strategy is not a document/it is a process that improves from a lather, rinse, repeat approach
  • Monetizing is the key to communication from data stewards to the CEO

Recorded Webinar link: The CDO Role: Evolution and Challenges

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