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Data Learning Week 2022. A unique opportunity for your career

Have you ever wanted to expand your Data Management knowledge and skillset? Our Data Learning Week is a unique opportunity for all Data professionals. No matter whether your goal is to get the prestigious DAMA certifications, to simply know more about the Data and Cloud Capability Assessment models by EMD Council, or have the opportunity to share your company challenges with globally recognised thought leaders like Doug Laney, the father of Infonomics, or Nicola Askham, the Data Governance Coach — our courses will boost your development.

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12 Oct

“The CDO Role: Evolution and Challenges” by Peter Aiken

When the concept of IT leadership was introduced in the late 1970’s, the title CIO was often referenced as ‘career is over.’ Ambiguity, imprecision, and confusion still surround the role and now loudmouths (like me) are clamoring for a data leader to occupy a position of equal

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11 Sep

Data Management Education – WSIS Forum 2020

With the participation at the WSIS+15 Forum 2020 and the speech of August 17th, Michele Valentini, Head of our Development Team, had the opportunity to announce the creation of an education and certification framework that our Team is developing with the approval of the Data Management

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