Why certify ?

Many of us work in jobs that did not exist when we started!

Today more than ever before, continuous improvement and adjournment is vital for professionals to adequately respond to the challenges faced by their companies, clients and the wider community. Continuous improvement can take various forms from self-paced to face to face training, coaching or mentoring on the job, professional membership, public events and conferences, all of which support professional developments.

Continuous development is a never-ending process and is lifelong objective; however, there are professional milestones that can and need to be achieved to acquire wider recognition and a sense of self-fulfilment. In this context, Professional Certification, internationally recognised by peer professionals and practitioners as well as governments, private and public companies around the world, is a guarantee that the certified person has achieved those professional goals and is actively working to increase their personal capabilities, skills and knowledge.

CDMP - Certified Data Management Professional

This DMBOK2 is a very significant document!  I doubt that many people have any idea of how significant, how important, how extraordinary, how authoritative this book really is … and looking into the not too distant future, how significant it will be!

Originally written as a Foreword to Data Management Body of Knowledge Book 2 (DMBOK2) by John A. Zachman



Based on the DMBOK2 Framework, DAMA International developed the Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) to allow individual professionals to have their capabilities, skills and knowledge assessed and globally recognised.

Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) is assigned through a certification path based on the evaluation of knowledge and work experience, as well as on undertaking and passing theoretical and practical knowledge tests on Data Management.

There are multiple levels of certification in relation to the experience and knowledge:

ASSOCIATE level requirements:

  • Data Management fundamentals exam passed at 60% score

PRACTITIONER level requirements:

  • Data Management fundamentals exam passed at 70% score
  • 2 Specialist Exams passed at 70% score

MASTER level requirements:

  • Data Management fundamentals exam passed at 80% score
  • 2 Specialist Exams passed at 80% score
  • >10 years DM working experience checked via CV